Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is Mineral Makeup

What is Mineral Makeup? Cosmetic Minerals are natural occuring minerals straight from the earth's surface. They are extracted, crushed and milled to a fine powder form. Then they are formulated by the cosmetic manufacturer to a creamy consistancy to bring superior coverage to your skin while creating flawless beauty, naturally.
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Tiara Mineral makeup is 100% pure minerals. They are free from preservatives and potential skin irritants. Our Minerals are extremely gentle to the skin. When you wear them, you feel as if you wern't wearing any makeup at all yet the full coverage of the foundation gives you a picture perfect flawless look. Its truly amazing!

Traditional liquid makeup have oils and waxes in it that can clog your pores and feel heavy on your skin. Mineral makeup is so feather light and pure you can sleep in it.