Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rich Definition!

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Define your eyes with style! Knowing how to define your eyes with liner is a skill any woman needs in her makeup arsenal! For subtle definition, glide the liner brush (for mineral makeup) just outside the top and bottom lash line. Use a light eyeliner or even a darker shadow to create sublte softnes around the eyes. This look is elegant and works in daylight and evening.

To jazz your eyes up for a night on the town, draw a more vivid line around both the top and lower lash lines. The thicker the line is from the lash line the bolder your look will be. Use a rich color to intensify the definiton. I like to use deep liner around the outer corners of my eyes then soften them with a darker eye shadow.

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Friday, July 31, 2009


Choosing your Foundaton color is easy once you know what to look for. Foundations are usually made in warm, neutral or cool tones.

  • Warm foundations have yellow or golden tints in them.
  • Cool foundations have pink or red tints, and
  • neutral foundations have a mix of warm and cool tints.

You should choose the foundation for your skin that is as close to one of these tones as possible. Someone with a cool undertone in their skin would not look good with a warm foundation.

Here is another tip. Look on the underside of your forearm.

  • If the veins that show through tend to look greenish, you tend to have yellow undertones in your skin and foundations that HAVE yellow, golden or some warm yellow/golden tint to them would work best for you. Stay away from foundations that have cool reddish or pink tints in them. You also look best in browns, greens and earth colored clothing.

  • If the veins that show through tend to look blueish, then you have cool, pink undertones in your skin coloring and foundations that a HAVE a pink or rosy tone to them would be best. some cool reds will work. Stay away from yellow, golden or WARM red foundation tones. Also, you tend to look best in blue/pink clothing.

  • If you can't tell, then your skin has neutral undertones and you can wear a combination of pink/yellow undertones.If you find your closet has an array of clothing colors in blues/pinks and in greens/browns, then you have neutral undertones in your skin and can wear a combination of foundation color with pink and yellow in it.

Mixing two foundations colors with different tones will create your perfect foundation for your complexion.

Tiara Minerals Foundation Colors:

  • Fair (for porcelain to fair with pink undertones)

  • Fairly Light (for fair to light with neutral/yellow undertones)

  • Light (for Light skin with yellow undertones)

  • Beige (for Beige skin with neutral/cool undertones)

  • Olive Beige (for beige skin with neutral/yellow undertones)

  • Warm Beige (for Beige skin with warm undertones)

  • Medium (for Medium skin with neutral/cool undertones)

  • Tan (for tan skin with neutral/yellow undertones)

  • Medium Tan (for tan to dark skin with warm undertones)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is Mineral Makeup

What is Mineral Makeup? Cosmetic Minerals are natural occuring minerals straight from the earth's surface. They are extracted, crushed and milled to a fine powder form. Then they are formulated by the cosmetic manufacturer to a creamy consistancy to bring superior coverage to your skin while creating flawless beauty, naturally.
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Tiara Mineral makeup is 100% pure minerals. They are free from preservatives and potential skin irritants. Our Minerals are extremely gentle to the skin. When you wear them, you feel as if you wern't wearing any makeup at all yet the full coverage of the foundation gives you a picture perfect flawless look. Its truly amazing!

Traditional liquid makeup have oils and waxes in it that can clog your pores and feel heavy on your skin. Mineral makeup is so feather light and pure you can sleep in it.